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TASCAM TG-7 ģitāras un Basa skaņotājs

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Tehniskā specifikācija

The TG-7 combines fast pitch detection with a 13 cm (5") wide backlit LC display to make guitar and bass tuning fast and easy. It fits on an amp or pedalboard for quick checks between songs and can be kept wired in all the time thanks to its guitar in and thru jacks. Twelve tuning modes for guitarists include standard guitar and bass scales as well as Drop-D, Open-D and room for five user-definable scales. Four display modes are available including an animated strobe, and an oscillator plays through a built-in speaker for groups or classes. And the tuner can be calibrated manually or automatically to a piano or other given source.

The TG-7 can also act as a desktop metronome with a tempo range from 30 to 300 BPM and seven accent values, played through a built-in speaker. The display conducts the beat for visual feedback, and Tap Tempo is available for finding the right setting for your own music. A flip-out stand, music stand clip and tripod mount offer other mounting options.

With its fast pitch detection and large display, the TG-7 is a perfect companion for guitarists and bassists of any skill level.

Main Features :

  • Compact, powerful tuner with metronome for guitar and bass
  • Clearly visible, extra wide pitch display (43 segments)
  • Additional note indication display with sharp (♯) and flat (♭)symbols and battery indicator
  • Ultra high-speed pitch detection for easy and accurate tuning
  • Supports 7 tuning types plus 5 user-defined settings
    • Regular guitar
    • Regular bass
    • Chromatic
    • Drop-D
    • Drop-G
    • Open-D
    • Open-G
    • User 1–5
  • Various tuner display modes
    • Meter: Pitch is indicated by bars on the large meter scale
    • Animated strobe: Pitch is indicated by a strobe effect to allow tuning more intuitively
    • Needle: Pitch is indicated by three bars on the large meter scale
    • Fine: Double precision on the large meter scale
    • Tone output: To tune by ear, the selected note is output over the built-in speaker
  • Selectable response speed (5 steps)
    • Set this according to the instrument to be tuned
    • High response speed allows the unit to be used as a pitch trainer
  • Manual calibration
    • Set the value of A4 in a range of 349.0–499.0 Hz (in 1-Hz steps)
  • Auto calibration
    • Allows the unit to be set to the tuning of a permanently-installed piano, for instance
  • Metronome
    • Variable tempo in a range of 30–300 beats per minute in 1-BPM steps
    • Tempo can also be set by tapping on a key
    • 11 beat types selectable (1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, duplets (8th notes), triplets, triplet shuffle, quadruplets (16th notes))
  • Instrument/microphone input
  • Through output connector for permanent use between instrument and amplifier/pre-amplifier
  • Built-in microphone for acoustic instrument tuning
  • Built-in loudspeaker for tuning tone and metronome output
  • Built-in stand for tabletop use or to hang the unit on a music stand
  • Strap holder
  • Up to 200 hours operation time on batteries 
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